Custom Tea Towel Printing Now Available

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Do you want personalised, customised tea towels that are unique from the stock standard ones you find at department stores, supermarkets and even online? Are you keen to have a more individualised look for your kitchen area, aligned with your style and personal preferences? Perhaps you’d like to even have a specific lettering or images on your tea towels, to match your family motto?personalised tea towel printing sydney customised online


We’re excited to announce that custom printed tea towels are now available to design and purchase online at Pistol Clothing!


What’s on offer?


Our personalised tea towels are made from 100% cotton, with dimensions of 50cm x 70cm. By default the towel itself has an off white colour, but feel free to use all kinds of colours and patterns in your design that we’ll print on it.


The decoration method used is “direct to garment printing” which utilises the latest technology to ensure a high quality product is produced with excellent vibrant colours. We ensure there’s no “cracking of prints” and the product can be cold washed without concerns. The texture is also much softer than when thicker layers of printing are used.


The prices start at $25 for one personalised tea towel, but can drop in price down to $18.75 per tea towel if you’re ordering more than 50. Bulk orders result in cheaper prices!


How does it work?


We can print personalised photos onto tea towels, or print lettering and symbols and other types of miscellaneous designs. Simply use our comprehensive online product designer to add and position text however you want it. Use our custom effects to add some extra style to the look as well.


You can also take advantage of our extensive range of free-to-use clipart to add some imagery to your design. Whether you want animals, people or cartoons, browse through our collection and see what’s available. We even offer a selection of ready-made ideas for your inspiration, to give some easy ideas of how to get started (or feel free to just use these ideas out of the box if you prefer)!


Alternatively, if you have a specific photo, image or graphic already and want to use this on your custom tea towel, simply upload the file as a JPEG, PNG or SVG and arrange it however you want. For those who are outsourcing their designs elsewhere, you can get the completed design or pattern and upload it directly for use. It couldn’t be easier!


Save your design if you want to revisit it later, or go ahead and submit an order once you’re happy with how it looks!


Benefits of printing on tea towels


There are so many benefits for customers to choose custom printed tea towels over the regular ones you can easily find elsewhere. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider ordering personalised printed tea towels for your next tea towel purchase:


1. Personalised gifts


Got a friend or family member you need a gift for? A personalised, customised tea towel is a meaningful, thoughtful gift idea! Print their name, or photos of you and them, or perhaps their favourite quote or lyric. Match with their favourite colours or designs for a truly individualised present. Not only will it be a practical gift that is sure to be put to use in their home immediately, it also adds a personal touch that makes it extra special and memorable.


2. Perfect for fundraisers


Planning an upcoming fundraiser for your local school, your child’s soccer club, your non-profit organisation or something else? Think about putting in a bulk order for some custom printed tea towels. Whether you want to brand the personalised tea towels with your school logo to build up school pride, or perhaps the logo or branding for your sports team, or the memorable slogan of a charity you’re representing - our range of personalised printed tea towels are exactly what you need.


3. Popular type of merchandise


Personalised tea towels are needed in every household, so are something that’s always worth considering to buy! Brand the tea towels with your business logo, name, slogan or message and sell these as useful forms of merchandise. They’re known to sell quite well, so it may be worth adding them to your repertoire on offer!


They can be the ideal addition for your next marketing or advertising event, so test out what your brand could look like on one of them and realise the potential for getting your name out there. Personalised tea towels can have both practical and decorative uses, so be sure to take advantage of this.


4. Unique medium for your art



Are you an artist who’s searching for ways of spreading your works around through a unique medium? Or perhaps you want to sell your work on a practical product rather than just something to hang on the wall? If you have digital copies or photographs of your artwork, our custom tea towels can provide high resolution, high quality reproductions of your art directly onto the product, available for resale or distribution however you intend.


Add personalised tea towels showing off your artworks to your collection, and see how popular they will be because of their useful, practical nature.


5. Versatile with countless uses


Personalised tea towels have so many potential uses, which is why it’s worth investing in a good quality one that’s highlighted with your own design! From the standard uses in the kitchen of drying dishes and covering warm items, they can also be used as placemats which become a great talking point when having guests over. They can be used as decoration inside cabinets or along buffets, so pick designs that complement your overall look perfectly.


Got some ideas running through your mind about what you, your family or friends could do with a personalised printed tea towel? Have an upcoming event your business could utilise custom printed tea towels for? Look no further than Pistol Clothing which is proud to offer top quality personalised tea towels at an affordable price with a rapid turnaround time. You’re guaranteed to be impressed!


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I’d like to order 20 individual designs on 1 tea towel each. I can supply the artwork to specs required. I would like to know turnaround time to deliver to Sydney Australia and if I were to cover the entire tea towel in a print would it still be as water absorbent as a tea towel. I may only cover part and will adjust my design to suit best results for functionality. Can you give me a quote and answer those queries for me please? Thank you.

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I'm looking at getting some of my paintings printed onto tea towels. Probably digital printing instead of screen printing. Can you help in this area?

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